06 - Easy (on a sunny Day)
I get up early in the morning on a sunny day.
Just keep on laughing at the world and live the funny way.
You can take me to the diner's... and
you can meet me in the bar.

Most religious sins are where the fun begins
Surfin' on the wind is easy.

C'mon, let's go over to the park, it's only half past nine.
We can take a blanket over there and drink a little wine
Dew on the pasture
You coo to my ear

When the speed is low, that's my way to go
Surfin' on the wind is easy.

Now close your eyes for a minute and listen to that sound
It can take you anywhere you want, floating round and round

six feet in the air, you forget to care
you don't have to pay
on a sunny day