1 - Just a little Bit
Where's my good friend captain Coco, can you tell me where he's at
Have you seen him in Marocco where he used to kiss a cat

He is gone with all that money that we made the other day
While he's playin' with his bunny, baby, I've got bills to pay.

If you find him lend a hand - to remind him of two grand
I might jab him in a row - So if you grab him don't let go

A ll the years he was my buddy, all the years he was my friend
Now he's acting kinda muddy, boy, and I can't understand

He could have told me in a minute if he planned for outer space
But he went out for cigarettes and left without a trace

For a while I thought he was joking when he left me in that bar
The situation was provoking and a little bit bizarre

Later on I realized and now I hope he's calling soon
because we got this appointment: happy hour on the moon