13 - Why Jazz is dangerous to Dogs
Bass player's working on an 12 bar blues
somebody tells a story about kangeroos
pianoman feels like he's running out of gas
But after all they're gonna play a little barroom jazz

The dog is sleeping in the middle of the room
By now it doesn't know about his upcoming doom
maybe it dreams of those tasty frogs
still doesn't know that is Jazz is dangerous to dogs

When the lights go down, and you hear that sound
You better watch your step if you walk around
In a certain case, lying in your ways
If you're not careful you might kick into Johnny's face.

The band now turns to a different tune
Something about love in the afternoon
While playing and singing they seem to forget
that danger is not over for the sleeping pet.

As your mummy said, don't listen to jazz
you might be detented on Alcatraz
feeling hungry and lost in endless fogs
you will remember that jazz is dangerous to dogs.